Getting here


The fastest route to Apollo Bay township is via the Princess Highway out of Geelong towards Colac. Take the Conns Lane turnoff approx 15km past Winchelsea. This route takes you through Barwon Downs and Forrest to Skenes Creek on the Great Ocean Road. This is a good road in all conditions but it is a long and winding road that requires concentration and patience. Slow traffic can hold up progress at times. At the peak just before the view of the coast appears it can be wet, foggy or sunny and clear at any time of the year. Turn right when you get to the a T intersection The Great Ocean Road.


For those last minute supplies!
Foodworks and IGA (licensed) and 2 pubs.
Take the Barham River Road to the left off Gambier St.


Turn left at Carwood St and then left on to McLachlan St. This street becomes the Barham River Rd and will take you out of town along the Barham River Rd.

After approx 2kms on Barham River Road, Killala Rd forks to the left and takes you uphill. A ‘No Through Road’ sign can be ignored since the road is open for quite some distance. Killala Post is located approx 5.5kms up the hill. Car navigation has been known to fail, Telstra network is reliable in tis area.


Killala Road is a dirt road and is narrow and winding so go slow (about 40kph is fast enough) stay to your left, beware of oncoming traffic. It is highly likely that you will come across Koalas, wallabies and kangaroos either on or alongside the road. Killala Road rises to an elevation of around 200 meters above sea level just at the border between farmland and temperate rain forest. Enjoy the scenery, it is quite spectacular.


For Satellite navigation be aware that whilst Telstra network is good, other data carriers remain patchy at best.

Driveway at 575 Killala Road.